Tying up lose ends.

Welcome to my new blog!  New country, new blog, you know how it is for us globetrotting folk… just kidding guys…  I need to remember that sarcasm doesn’t translate well into the written word.   In reality I ditched my Tumblr digs for something a little bit more refined and respectable.  I mean, as a college graduate (still getting used to that) I figured I needed a fresh start in the blogosphere as well.

Today marks the close of my first full week in Thailand (!).  How can I describe my new thai life? Honestly right now I’m not sure.  I will probably have a better answer to that question when the dust settles from the emotion and culture shock induced whirlwind that has wreaked havoc on my sanity for the past two weeks.

The week before coming to Thailand was an absolute shit-storm of life major life events.  I’m pretty sure that my body just refused to process emotion properly after that and thankfully so, because I’m pretty sure I would have been incapacitated.  The week began with final exams that lasted until Thursday.  From Thursday night onwards I most closely resembled that one character from Mean Girls who “just has a lot of feelings”.  I was feeling sentimental, nostalgic, and I was definitely crying… a lot.  That night several close friends of mine gathered at my Oakland apartment to bid me adieu.  We celebrated the best way we knew how; with alcohol and hookah.  It was beautiful and I felt very loved.  I woke up on Friday morning around 6 am in a bit of a panic.  I was sick to my stomach that I still had to pack my life into two suitcases and be at a rehearsal dinner by 5:30 pm.  Not only was I moving out, but my hardest goodbyes were yet to come.

My college experience was riddled with people who have truly changed me.  But, I would like to take a second to call attention to a special group of people.

I was nothing short of blessed to live with 3 amazing roommates.  Girl roommates have a reputation for being catty and secretly hating each other.  All the while snapping duck faced pictures and collecting their Pinnacle bottles on the bookshelf.  This could be not farther from my actual experience (especially because we drank almost exclusively jager).  My roommates have absolutely changed my life for the better.  They were tolerant of my messiness.  They cuddled with me on hung-over Sunday mornings.  The offered me new perspectives.  They listened to me vent.  They laughed with me, cried with me, fought with me, and loved me unconditionally.  Ally, Bekah, and Hadley, for all of these things and more, thank you.

After swapping tearful and somewhat rushed goodbyes I was off to Leechburg for my Uncle Clinton and Aunt Jackie’s Wedding.  The ceremony took place at this quaint little farm in the middle of no where.  The venue, the ceremony, and the bride were nothing short of beautiful.  I am not exaggerating when I say that Clinton and Jackie are the coolest couple I know, and I can only hope to experience a love like theirs one day.  Thank you both so much for including me in your special day, it meant the world to me.

The morning after the wedding started at 6 am with some last minute packing and a Wal-Mart run.  By that point I was already absolutely physically and emotionally exhausted (and a tad bit hungover).  We arrived at the airport, met up with Maggie and Molly, checked our luggage without incident, and said goodbye to our parents.  Now for my last aside.

To my parents,

I know that you do not fully understand my decision to up and move to Thailand.  However, while you have had your doubts, hesitations, and worries, your support has been unwavering.  I’m so lucky to have such a strong foundation.  I owe all of my strength, independence, smarts, (and obviously good looks) to you.  Thank you so much.  I love you.

From this point forward you can check up on me and my most recent life happenings here!  I don’t really plan to blog on a schedule, but I also don’t want every post to have some self-righteous-y, suddenly enlightened theme.  So for now I’m just going to go with the flow.  Something I’m learning to be more and more comfortable with in Thailand.  Stay tuned for a post about the sights, sounds, and (mostly) smells of Thailand in the very near future.  Until next time!


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